Hilltop Center

5538-5548 Clarksville Hwy., Nashville, Tennessee 37203

Crossman Properties

Tenant Address

Hilltop Center is located at 5538-5548 Clarksville Hwy, Nashville, TN in the Joelton area.  This 15,471 SF center is attached to Joelton Plaza and shares parking with this adjacent center. The property is situated just off the intersection of Clarksville Hwy and Old Hickory Blvd.  There are approximately 13,760 persons in the five mile vicinity with average household incomes of $67,700. Additional retailers in the area are: Dollar General, Foodland Grocery Store, BP Service Station.

The current tenants include Joelton Hardware & Feed, Titan Nails, Granddaddy’s Famous Hot Chicken, Further Farms, Third Generation Renovation and Quality Cleans.



Space available for lease